Top Four Fitness Vacations

Even though vacations are normally the perfect time to relax and “let your hair down,” fitness vacations allow you to relax while also pushing yourself past your physical boundaries. With fitness vacations, you combine the opportunity to have a great workout with the chance to have a great time at an amazing vacation spot. Here are a few great fitness vacation spots to consider for your next trip.

Living La Vida La Jolla

If you want to enjoy the amazing side of California, then you need to take a trip to La Jolla. Living La Vida La Jolla will blend you into the world of marine life and how you can explore & enjoy adventures within the marine world. Whether you are paddle-boarding or even spending a considerable amount of time kayaking with a friend, this is a great option.

Norwegian Cruise Line

If you want to have a cruise that provides you with an amazing workout opportunity as well, then you need to book a reservation on the Norwegian Cruise line. The running track alone will have you overly excited, especially when you think about all of the calories that you can burn on it. However, you will also benefit greatly from the batting cage, soccer field and full-sized basketball court that you can access within the Sports Complex.

Saddlebrooke Resort

The next time you are in Tampa, Florida, do not be in such a rush to head to a regular theme park. While those parks are great places to have fun, the Saddlebrooke Resort in Tampa is a great place to have an amazing workout – especially if you are huge fan of tennis!

Even if you do not have someone to play with when you arrive, the resort will provide you with a ball machine that will allow you to get a great workout on the court. You can even follow up that great workout with a chance to relax by booking an appointment for a European spa treatment while you are there.

South of the Border Volleyball Vacations

Do you love Cabo San Lucas? How about volleyball? Well, the South of the Border Volleyball Vacations experience will allow you to combine both of those experiences together for one amazing ride. For a competitively price, you can enjoy an inclusive vacation experience that allows you to enjoy all of the perks, bells and whistles. You can enjoy five-star hotels that are just a brisk walk away from the beach, which is exactly where you can spend countless hours simply enjoying the world of volleyball.