Get the smile you deserve

Different Ways to Improve Your Smile

Many people have a smile they are less than pleased with. Unfortunately, this can cause a number of debilitating issues. While unattractive smiles aren’t necessarily unhealthy ones, there’s nothing healthy about being embarrassed about smiling in public or laughing with your friends. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can do something about this, meaning there are no more excuses for not loving your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Let’s begin with the cheapest, simplest way of improving your smile. Teeth whitening has long been in vogue because, let’s face it, we all associate white teeth with attractiveness and overall health.

These days, you can head to any grocery or department store and find all kinds of teeth whitening solutions. Whether we’re talking about the toothpastes or strips, you’ll be on your way to a brighter smile without a lot of money spent.

Just be sure to look into each option, though, and know that the tradeoff of affordable and simple is that this is the least effective of the methods listed here.

Professional Bleaching

If you’re serious about getting a brighter, whiter smile, professional bleaching is the way to go. This will involve seeing a dentist or some other type of dental professional who will actually apply a special chemical bleach to your teeth to help bring out the whitest appearance possible.

Usually, this will take several visits in order to get the best possible result. On top of that, you should expect to pay several thousand dollars. Some so-called “professionals” will offer you bleaching services for far less—often out of a mall no less—but the results will definitely not be worth the trouble. Stay away from these services.

For those who can’t afford professional bleaching—it is a cosmetic service, so insurance won’t cover it—consider starting with one of the other whitening choices and putting money aside in the meantime.


Another way to fix that bothersome smile is with braces. These applications will slowly but surely move each tooth in your mouth until it’s exactly where you want it, providing you with a straight for to show off with every smile.

teeth whitening

Many people, however, are too embarrassed about getting braces because of how obvious a solution they are. A lot of us also associate them with being a teenager. Fortunately, nowadays, you can get Invisalign braces. As the name suggests, these are braces that are meant to be invisible. They are extremely fin and fit over your teeth without most people ever noticing. Just like their cousins though, they slowly move your teeth where you want them.

Dental Surgery

Finally, think about everything from repairs to implants that can help bring about a better smile, no matter what kind of damage. Whether you’re missing large piece of your teeth or they have become severely discolored, dental surgery can be the way to go.

With so many different types of dental improvement solutions available, it’s a mistake to think you can take steps to get  a better smile, as the above should make clear.