Food to avoid wearing braces

Foods to Avoid When Wearing Braces

Wearing braces is the only way most of us will ever see straight teeth staring back at us in the mirror. . However, while the results are definitely worth it, that doesn’t mean it’s easy putting up with the trials and tribulations of wearing braces, especially when you consider that it can take years. One of the many challenges that you’ll face when wearing braces is that you have to avoid certain foods. Although you’re more than welcome to find out which ones you shouldn’t eat all on your own, So we asked the dentists at for their advice and they created the following list and make things a little bit easier on yourself.

Hard Foods

You don’t have to avoid all hard foods, but this category made the list because you need to avoid biting into them with your front teeth. This direct contact into a tough surface can seriously mess up the braces in that location. For this reason, just be sure to cup up the following foods before enjoying them:

  • Raw vegetables
  • Hard fruits (e.g. apples, pears, etc.)
  • Croutons
  • Meat (e.g. steak, turkey burgers, lamb, burgers, etc.)
  • Thin crust pizza
  • Hard Rolls

These are just some examples, but they should provide you with a general idea of which foods you’ll need to break up before biting into.


One thing you’ll have to get used to giving up early is gum, which can be kind of difficult because so many of us put pieces in our mouths without even thinking about it. However, adding gum to braces is asking for trouble. You’ll have a very difficult time removing gum from your braces. While gum doesn’t stick to your teeth, it will have a relentless grip on the metal coating your teeth.

Sticky Candy

For the same reasons, you want to cut sticky candy out of your diet completely too. Caramels are an excellent example, but there are many others. Like gum, sticky candies will not leave your braces without a fight. Even worse, though, is the fact that all that sugar will then have ample time to help bacteria chew away at your teeth. You really don’t want cavities and braces at the same time.


Most people will want to avoid ice and other cold foods like ice cream. Obviously, these colder foods are going to make the metal in your mouth cold too. Unfortunately drop will last long after you’re done with your meal. Many find this sensation very uncomfortable though and it can even lead to brain freezes.


Corn is just the right size and consistency to sneak between your braces and get stuck. This is especially true when you try eating corn on the cob. When you try using a pick to get rid of the corn, it will often break apart, making your job even harder to pull off.

Soft Bread

Although we warned against hard foods earlier, soft bread can be a lot of trouble too and is actually very similar to corn in this regard. When you bight into  a sandwich, this bread will lodge itself nice and deep into your braces, where it will fight you when you try to remove it.


You’ll also have this problem with popcorn. Those tiny pieces that result from chewing popcorn also become quite moist thanks to butter and your own saliva. Then they stick to your braces and refuse to leave.

Fortunately, this still leaves you with plenty of dietary options to enjoy. Plus, if you use a Waterpik, you’ll have a much easier time cleaning out food particles from your braces. Hold off on these foods for now and you’ll have much straighter teeth to enjoy them with later.